“Now I feel stronger and more centered”

“Alan brings a wealth of personal life experience to the encounter. His kind and patient encouragement, and the careful and attentive quality of his listening acts as a catalyst for setting fresh challenges. By acknowledging the importance of thoughts and their influence on one’s mood, he is able to identify core values and make helpful suggestions after gently probing and assessing problems. He passes on practical tools for learning to manage and reduce anxiety in a variety of different contexts, such as using Affirmations and Visualizations in positive ways, and with a focus on setting life goals. I was floundering at the start of Lockdown. Now I feel stronger and more centered as a result of his therapy”


“My confidence back to tackle the world again”

“Due to changes in my life, I lost a bit of much-needed direction. A friend mentioned how a ‘Life Coach’ may help. Being me, I was very skeptical of this but found it was exactly the extra help I needed. Alan was great to talk to in a relaxed approach and supported me with any difficult decisions I was making to get me back on track.
I now have my confidence back to tackle the world again. I highly recommend Alan as your Life Coach”


“It’s helped me to gain clarity and focus to prepare for challenges”

 “Alan was extremely helpful during the coaching sessions we were having. He helped me focus more on moving forward rather than simply regretting the situation that I’m currently in. It’s helped me gain clarity and focus to prepare for challenges with long-lasting techniques to overcome adversities. Before talking to Alan, I was by no means looking for work but now I’m looking at what may be possible with some of the skills that I have”


“Huge shifts in my thinking”

“Alan holds a safe, compassionate and loving space for you to explore whatever is holding you back. I felt very safe working with him as he was always honest, supportive, and (kindly) challenging. He asked me some powerful questions that helped me have huge shifts in my thinking- the effects of which are still with me today! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a coach. He is flexible and able to meet you where you’re at. He can be challenging or gentle and reflective, depending on what is right for the client. And he also has a great sense of humor”


“Guides you towards your desired outcomes”

“Alan has incredible intuition and skills as a coach to support and guides you towards your desired outcomes. His caring nature and compassion help you feel at total ease during the coaching sessions. He’s approachable, flexible, patient, and encouraging.
It has been a pleasure to be coached by Alan and I can recommend him to anyone who is looking for professional coaching.”


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